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Brighton and Hove Chiropractor

Peter Blenkarn (Doctor of Chiropractic)

GCC Registered Member of United Chiropractic Association

Peter Blenkarn, DC

Peter Blenkarn, DC

From a very young age Peter Blenkarn developed a fascination with the human body, its functions, and how it all worked so perfectly together. It was during these formative years that a career in healthcare became his goal and by the age of twelve he knew that his future career would be in the natural healing art of Chiropractic!

During his years at Central Sussex College, Peter noticed improvements in his own posture while undergoing regular Chiropractic care. He was surprised to discover that his ability to focus on his studies improved significantly during this period too, which raised Peter’s interest further in the role Chiropractic played in helping people achieve their life’s potential. This drove Peter further to explore the power of the nervous system.

From these early experiences Peter went on to study at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in Glamorgan, where he expanded his knowledge further in the science, art, and philosophy of Chiropractic.

A dedicated professional

Peter’s dedication to the profession has guided him to attend extracurricular seminars throughout the UK and Europe and this has also given him the opportunity to interact with the Orthopaedic team at Prince Charles Hospital in Wales.

Underneath Peters quiet and gentle approach is a knowledgeable and dedicated practitioner who is at home with people from all walks of life. Peter has developed a keen interest in the value of Chiropractic in sport, and sports rehabilitation, due to his own all consuming passion especially for rugby – both watching and playing, however Peter is equally passionate about seeing people as patients who are looking to improve their performance at any level, whether it is in the classroom, on the pitch, at work or at home and Peter’s happy disposition and quiet self-assurance endears him to all who seek his care .

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